Hearts of the sacred spirit

Hearts of the sacred spirit

Yearning For Learning Program

School and an education is vital in the life of a child, and especially in the life of children living in poverty. Education can make the difference between continuing in the poverty cycle, and getting out and making a better life for themselves and their families. Your donations can help change the life of a child.. 

The "Yearning For Learning" program for children living on the Pine Ridge reservation allows children to attend school with the necessary school supplies .The parents often have to choose between meals and paying the utilities before even considering purchasing school supplies. Like most kids, these kids may dread going back to school. But it's not because of homework; it's because their parents can't afford to buy the basic school supplies that are needed and required. 

Our program allows these children to go back to school with the necessary items to be able to start the school year. Your $20.00 donation gives a child a fresh start and the confidence knowing they are prepared for school….Each $20.00 donation will include the following: Book bag, paper, box of pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, ruler, folders, notebooks, scissors, calculator, glue,and pencil bag.

We really prefer monetary donations because we can purchase the backpacks and school supplies at a lower price through a distributor where we can get more for the money, but we are not picky - we wil be happy to accept donations of school supplies as well. We do ask that if you purchase supplies that you please only purchase items on this list so we can give each child the same set of supplies. 

•New backpacks in solid or neutral colors (no character backpacks please) 
•Single subject notebooks 
•Bic or PaperMate stick pens (blue or black ink) 
•12 inch rulers (wood or plastic) 
•24 pack crayons 
•School glue (no glue sticks - they melt in transport) 
•2-pocket folders 
•Erasers (the big pink ones) 



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